Diploma Courses

DSP-401 Diploma in Ayurvedic,Herbal and Ayush Products Entrepreneurship

DSP-402 Diploma in Ayurvedic and Ayush APIs Based Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship

DSP-403 Diploma in Renewable and Solar Energy Entrepreneurship

DSP-404 Diploma in Clean India Skills and Waste to Best Entrepreneurship

DSP-405 Diploma in Leather Products ,Foot Wears ,Rubber and Plastic Goods Entrepreneurship

DSP-406 Diploma in Readymade Garments and Textile Variety based MSME and Allied Entrepreneurship

DSP-407 Diploma in Sports Goods,Accessories,Sportswear and Fitness Equipment Entrepreneurship

DSP-408 Diploma in Semi-Domestic Electronics Goods and Toys Entrepreneurship

DSP-409 Diploma in Hardware Goods Entrepreneurship

DSP-410 Diploma in Medical Electronics Medical Device,Allied Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance

DSP-411 Diploma in Semi-Conductor and Lighting Goods Entrepreneurship

DSP-412 Diploma in Agro Engineering and General Engineering Goods Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance

DSP-413 Diploma in Food and Food Processing Products Entrepreneurship

DSP-414 Diploma in Cultural and Crafts Entrepreneurship with sixty-Four Art

DSP-415 Diploma in Various Chemical Products Manufacturing Entrepreneurship

DSP-416 Diploma in Trading Services and Allied Entrepreneurship

DSP-417 Diploma in Herbal Beauty, Decorative Products,Fashion Accessories and Shodash Shringar based Entrepreneurship

DSP-418 Diploma in Furniture manufacturing Bamboo Products Entrepreneurship

DSP-419 Diploma in Organic Farming and Products Based Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance

DSP-420 Diploma in Mining Surveyor, Mining Skills and Entrepreneurship

DSP-421 Diploma in Tribal Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance