Certificate Courses

CSP-101 Certificate in Semi-Finished Herbal Products Entrepreneurship

CSP-102 Certificate in Boutique, Readymade Wearing Based Startups and Self-Reliance

CSP-103 Certificate in Tour and Travels Based Entrepreneurship

CSP-104 Certificate in Collection Center ,E-SEWA Social Entrepreneurship,Stall Based Skilling Start-Up And Self-Reliance

CSP-105 Certificate in Musical Instruments Manufacturing Entrepreneurship

CSP-106 Certificate in Construction Material Manufacturing Entrepreneurship

CSP-107 Certificate in Worship and Festival Material Startup, Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance

CSP-108 Certificate in Wild Edible Fungi, Crop Farming and Value Added Product Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance

CSP-109 Certificate in Mineral Water and Water based Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance

CSP-110 Certificate in GOBAR Products,Clay Pots,Ceremic and Pottery Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance

CSP-111 Certificate in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Farming and Value Added Products Entrepreneurship

CSP-112 Certificate in Bakery and Confectionery Products Entrepreneurship

CSP-113 Certificate in MAHUA Flower Based Food, Beverages and Bakery Products Entrepreneurship

CSP-114 Certificate in Beverages, Drinking Water and Milk Products Entrepreneurship

CSP-115 Certificate in Ready to Eat Products Entrepreneurship

CSP-116 Certificate in Bio fertilizer and other Fertilizers Entrepreneurship

CSP-117 Certificate in Development of Domestic and General Purpose Chemical Products based Entrepreneurship

CSP-118 Certificate in Agro Chemical Products Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance

CSP-119 Certificate in Paints,Varnishes,Thinners and Surface Coatings and related Chemical Products based Entrepreneurship

CSP-120 Certificate in Automobile,Medical Purpose Chemical Products Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance

CSP-121 Certificate in Rural & Semi-Urban Areas based MSME and Self Reliant

CSP-122 Certificate in Agro Clinical Services Based Entrepreneurship

CSP-123 Certificate in Agro Equipment and Machineries Entrepreneurship

CSP-124 Certificate in Dairy Farming and Allied Entrepreneurship